We offer several products for this range which we are shown below. But we love also to produce variations after your very own recipes/specifications.
Labelling might take place after your specifications, too.

Nail Cleaner

Application: for cleansing of natural nails, devices, removal of dispersion film, has a degreasing effect.
Content: optional isopropyl alcohol 70%  vol or 99.9% vol, transparent (clear) with different colourings and/or orange fragrance.
The isopropyl alcohol used in our products fulfills the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia in the current valid edition.

colour samples


Nail Polish Remover

Application: removal of nail polish
Optional available with acetone or acetone free, with orange, vanilla or strawberry fragrance


Application: Praparation of the natural nail before modelling
This product detracts grease and humidity from the body of the nail. The modelling material has a much better adherence and connection with the body of the nail.

For all the above mentioned  products we offer the according security evaluations.


We offer numerous variations as for example:

  • nail cleaner made from ethanol instead of isopropyl alcohol
  • individual alcohol concentrations, as e. g. 75 % oder 80 % vol
  • colourisations
  • fragrances (always in stock: orange, vanilla, strawberry, peach)
colour samples

We're happy to produce your required product
Please note that for products individually made for you there might come additional costs as for security evaluations or material safety data sheets on top.


  • PE square bottles of 500 ml each in a cardboard box of 28 bottles each
  • PE square bottles of 1000 ml in cardboard boxes of 12 or 144 bottles each
  • PE-canisters of 5 l in cardboard boxes of 2 or 4 canisters each or loose freight on euro-palettes
  • PE-canisters of 10, 20, 25, 30 l
  • steel drums of 25 l and 200 l
  • IBC of 950 l

We gladly will inform you about the packing size of the palettes
If you would like to provide us with your own packagings for filling we gladly check if the workmanship on our machines is possible!