New packaging regulations enter into force as from 1st January 2019. For Karl Josef Kost Alkohole & Produkte aus Alkohol KG (and some of our customers) there are new duties we have to carry out.

Please note therefore the following Information:

The following packagings (-as far as they're affected-) we listed at the central packing registry and are licensed at a dual system supplier:

  1. Packings that exclusively branded with our label
  2. Packings whose labels show us as manufacturer/bottler

All packings that are affected by this new law and are exclusively branded by the customer's company and/or the label of the customer without showing our name on it have to be registered and licensed the customers themselves.

As the customer in this case puts the product into circulation we are due to statutory provisions not allowed to register or license the packings for our customers.

More information (what packings are affected, getting registered, getting a license etc) could be found under in german language.

This is valid for our german customers. Customers from other EU countries need to inform nationally about the newest regulations and maybe need to make some necessary adjustments.

Plese keep in mind that in case you're not registered we are automatically forbidden to sell anything to you. Any violation of this law might be fined by as much as 200.000 €.